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Installation Instructions


Kit Contents:

  1. Skirt Plate
  • 14) #8 X 1" Screws, nuts, and washers

    1) 7/64 allen wrench

    Don’t be alarmed when you finish and have screws left over. We included extra just in case.

  • Necessary Tools:

    1. 11/32 or 9mm wrench or socket & ratchet, or an adjustable wrench
    2. Drill with a 5/32 bit
    3. Tape Measure


    If you don’t already have a rear skirt on your coach you will want to purchase one. If you did not purchase a Riverside Enterprises Mud Guard we recommend the Ultra Guard, since it is readily available. You can purchase these at either Camping World or your local R.V. dealership. Both of these places usually will also install the skirt for you. Just be sure to specify to have it mounted smooth side out. If you already have an Ultra Guard or any other plain belt skirt installed, then you are ready to move on

    1) Remove the skirt from your coach.
    2) Place the skirt on a flat surface, smooth smooth side up.
    3) Take your skirt plate and lay it on the skirt.

    4) Align the plate 1" from the bottom of the skirt and center it side to side using your tape measure.

    5) Hold the plate firmly in place and drill through the mounting holes in the plate. Take extra care to make sure that the plate does not move during this process.

    6) If you have purchased a backing plate, now is when you place it beneath the flap.

    7) Next, push the #8 bolts through the flap and install a flat washer and a nut on the backside of each. If you are using a backing plate, be sure to go through both plates. Starting at one end, tighten the nuts on each bolt until the washer just starts to squish the rubber on the skirt.

    8) Last, re-install the skirt in the reverse order in which you took it off.


    If you have any questions about the process or run into a problem please feel free to email us @:



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