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8' Custom Stainless Steel Skirt Plate $195.00**
8' Stainless Steel Backing Skirt Plate $125.00
8' 12 ga. Galvanized  Backing Plate $75.00
8' 14 ga. Galvanized  Backing Plate $50.00
(1) 94"W x 20"H Rubber Mud Guard  $59.00**

Hardware Package - is included with each plate order (all bolts, nuts, washers, and allen wrenches neccessary for installation.)

Custom Skirt Plate Package
1- 8' Custom stainless skirt plate
1- 8' Backing plate
1- Rubber mud guard (94"W x 20"H)
1- angle bracket for mounting mud guard
1- hardware package (includes all bolts, nuts washers and Allen wrenches necessary for installation.)
Complete Kit w/ Stainless Backing Plate $379.00
Complete Kit w/ 12 ga. Galv. Backing Plate $329.00
Complete Kit w/ 14 ga. Galv. Backing Plate $304.00

Shipping not included

**All custom orders $20 addition charge.


Add 8% Sales tax if Washington State Resident

We stock plates that display names of most popular gas and diesel coaches. If we do not have your plate in stock or you desire a custom plate, your order will be shipped approximately two to three weeks from submission.


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