Riverside Enterprises

Installation Instructions

for Riverside Enterprises Mudguard


Kit Contents:

1) Mud Guard (94"W x 20"H)

14) Self tapping screws

There should be a couple of extra screws and washers; we try to always include more than you would need.

Necessary Tools:

  1. 3/8 Scoket driver and drill or 3/16" drill bit and drill
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Cutting knife
  4. Straight edge
1) The first thing necessary is to inspect the rear of your coach to find an acceptable mounting area for the angle iron. Usually this is the bottom of the rear frame rails. The angle iron can be attached in many ways; it can be welded, bolted, or hung from a couple of links of chain. The choice is up to you and what equipment that you have access to.
2) Once the angle iron is mounted in the correct position, measure from the angle iron to the ground when coach is at correct ride height and on level ground. Subtract 4" from that measurement to arrive at the correct height of the Mud Guard.
3) Place the Mud Guard on a flat surface. Measure and mark the Mud Guard for the height desired. Using a knife and a straight edge, cut the Mud Guard to the desired length. You may have to cut a section out of the center of your Mud Guard to go around your hitch or other obstacles in the area.
4) Use your measuring tape and the straight edge to mark cut, then use the cutting knife to remove the excess material.
5) Your Mud Guard should now be ready to have the skirt weight and backing plate installed. The Riverside Enterprises Mud Guard comes pre-drilled so installation is simple. Lay the Mud Guard down, textured side up, with the backing plate beneath the guard and align the Skirt Weight on top. Line up the holes and bolt it together using the supplied #8 screws and nuts (do not use flat washers with the backing plate.) Tighten until both stainless plates come tight against the Mud Guard.
6) Last, using the self-tapping screws and washers, attach the Mud Guard to the angle iron that you have previously mounted to your coach.


If you have any questions about the process or run into a problem please feel free to email us @:


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