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Custom Skirt Plates

Riverside Enterprises’ custom skirt plates are built with one thing in mind, quality. Each plate is cut from a sheet of 14 gauge, type 304 highly polished stainless steel using a computer controlled laser-cutting machine. This ensures exact tolerances and straight smooth lines on every plate. 
Our plates not only look good but are functional also. The added weight of the stainless steel keeps your skirt closer to ground while traveling. This lessens the chance of rocks and other road debris damaging your expensive towed vehicle. It also lowers the amount of mud and dirt that accumulates on the back of your coach during travel, making washing much easier.
The Plates attach to any plain belt skirt using included mounting hardware. We recommend using our Mudguard or the Ultra Guard rear skirt. Our mudguard is smooth on both sides, but if you choose the Ultra Guard it has raised panels on one side and is smooth on the other. We recommend mounting the skirt with the smooth side out and then attaching the plate to the exposed surface.
Our 8’ plate measures 7’ 8" X 6".

The plates can be built to read virtually anything that you can imagine. Here are a few ideas:

Coach brand name You and Your Spouses Names
Your hometown Your Nickname
College Name Favorite Sports Team
R.V. Club Name Name of your business
Favorite Sayings Hobbies, etc.


Riverside Enterprises now offers THREE different backing plates to accompany your Custom Skirt Plate: 12 ga. Stainless Steel, 12 ga. Galvanized Steel, and 14 ga. Galvanized Steel! The backing plate adds rigidity as well as weight to your Mudguard for increased protection. All necessary holes are pre-drilled to make mounting a breeze. The plate uses existing hardware supplied with your Custom Plate to attach it.

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