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Installation Instructions

for Alpine Coach Skirt Kit

Kit Contents:

1) Mud Guard (94"W x 20"H)

1) Each Skirt Plate and Backing Plate

1) Angle Iron Bracket


14) #8 X 1" Screws, nuts, and washers

1) 7/64 allen wrench

14) Self tapping screws


There should be a couple of extra screws and washers; we try to always include more than you would need.

Necessary Tools:

  1. 3/8 Scoket driver and drill or 3/16" drill bit and drill
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Cutting knife
  4. 11/32 or 9mm wrench or socket & ratchet, or an adjustable wrench
  5. Drill with a 5/32 bit
  6. Straight edge
1)Unpack your Custom Skirt plate kit and start by attaching the plates to the rubber. Lay the unpolished backing plate down first followed by the rubber and finally the polished plate on top. Line up the mounting holes between all three and bolt them together using the supplied  #8 stainless steel screws and nuts. Make sure to keep the rubber as flat as possible to avoid having any large gaps between the rubber and the plates.  
2) Next it is necessary to attach the mounting bracket to your coach. Under the rear of the coach ( pic 1) behind the hitch is four nuts and bolts. Remove the rear two nuts ( pic 2 ) and attach the bracket using the original nuts  ( pic 3) 
3) Place the Mud guard under the rear of your coach and align the center portion of the guard under the hitch between the frame rails. Place one self-tapping screw in the middle.( Pic 4) Next place one on each end and one more in between those and the center for a total of 5.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREWS!! IF OVERTIGHTEND THE RUBBER MAY BECOME STRESSED WHICH WILL CAUSE IT TO TEAR AROUND THE WASHER. THIS WILL NOT BE A WARRANTABLE FAILURE.
4) On the outside of the rear frame rails there is a threaded rod that goes from the inner body to the rear cap. The placement of these is inconsistent so we are unable to cut out for them ahead of time.  Align the top portion of the flap so as the bottom is straight and not bowed. Notch around the rods accordingly. (pic 5)
5) Place 5 more screws spaced evenly between the frame rail and the outer part of the mud guard on both sides screwing into the flange on the inner body. ( pic 6)
6) Place your coach on level ground at ride height ( air in the bags) and make sure the flap is straight and even. Adjust accordingly if there are any inconsistencies


If you have any questions about the process or run into a problem please feel free to email us @:


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